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Serving All Delaware Spine Injury Cases

There are many types of spinal injuries. They range from moderate to severe. Seldom is the spinal cord severed completely. However, trauma to the cord can result in paralysis at some level of the body.

A common form of spine injury is whiplash due to rear end car accidents. The rapid back and forth movement of the neck is like the cracking of a whip. The trauma may result in pain radiating down the
body and extremities.

Another cause of spinal injuries is muscle strain. For example, lifting a heavy object can cause a disc herniation. These often happen in the work environment. It should be remembered, that even if there is
not negligence involved, if an injury happens at work, the injured employee is eligible for workers compensation.

When there is an injury to the spine, the symptoms do not necessarily come about immediately. Thus, it is important to get treatment right away when you know you have been injured, even if the symptoms
are not serious at that point.


When you are involved in any accident involving spinal injury it is very important to have a lawyer because insurance companies and defense lawyers often try to minimize the symptoms. We will be happy to help you with any accident causing spinal injury.

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