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Serving All Delaware Pedestrian Injury Cases

Injuries from pedestrian accidents are often serious and sometimes fatal. Pedestrian accidents are usually the fault of drivers of motor vehicles, but there are a number of defenses to these cases such as crossing in the middle of the block, jay walking and crossing against the light. Among the more common causes are drivers who speed, run traffic signals or fail to yield right of way to pedestrians, particularly those within a crosswalk, when making a turn. Of course, we have inattentive or distracted drivers who do not easily see pedestrians. Often, the key to a successful resolution of pedestrian claims is having an attorney familiar with the traffic laws and possible defenses.


In Delaware, if a pedestrian is hit by another driver, the pedestrian is covered under the no-fault insurance of that driver. If the pedestrian owns a vehicle, the pedestrian is also covered by the no-fault (PIP) insurance on the pedestrian’s own vehicle in addition to that of the driver.

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