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Serving All Delaware Motorcycle Injury Cases

Injuries for motorcycle accidents are often severe and sometimes fatal.  Because of the very nature of the motorcycle, the rider is often more vulnerable to severe injuries than persons who operate automobiles.


Unlike bicycles, the motorcycle rider is not considered like a pedestrian for the purposes of no-fault insurance. That is, the insurance on the vehicle which hits the motorcycle is not responsible for PIP coverage for the motorcycle rider. Quite often, motorcycle riders do not include PIP coverage on their own motorcycles. Thus, there is no PIP (no-fault) coverage to pay lost wages and medical bills. Of course, if you are a motorcycle rider and have not yet had an accident, you should make sure that you have adequate PIP (no-fault) coverage.


Motorcycles are particularly susceptible to roadway defects or poorly maintained roadways. Unfortunately, claims made against the state for defective roadways are quite difficult because of a concept called sovereign immunity. However, there are many roadways that are privately maintained such as those in shopping centers and parking lots.  The owner or maintenance company may be held liable.


Hiring an attorney for any serious motorcycle accident is a must. You will need an attorney to ensure maximum coverage for the accident as well as determining sources of liability.

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