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Serving All Delaware Construction Injury Cases

Construction workers are the unsung heroes of this country. They build our homes, our offices, our highways and our bridges. They are often exposed to some of the most dangerous working conditions. There are many types of construction accidents such as aerial lift accidents, crane accidents, electrical accidents, falls from heights, roofing accidents, scaffold accidents and structural collapses. Injuries may also occur from simple unsafe conditions on the property.

Construction projects often have numerous contractors on the site. Thus, an injury to a worker from one company may be caused by the negligence of a worker from another company. The injured party may have a liability claim against one or more of the other contractors. In the meantime, the injured party, worker’s compensation case regardless of anybody’s negligence, may have a strong.


Worksite injuries tend to be complicated cases in terms of proof. Thus, it would be very unwise for someone to try to pursue a construction accident injury without the services of an attorney. We will be happy to help you with any construction accident injury.

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